Managed Systems

Key Features

24×7 Complete Network Monitoring and Management

We monitor your network, servers, and workstations 24×7 with enterprise level monitoring software and utilities. Optimized for your environment, our Service Desk is immediately notified when your network has an issue. If your internet connection is disrupted, a hacker attempts to access the network, or a server reboots unexpectedly we know immediately and take action to resolve it. In addition, our proactive maintenance programs ensure your network is operating in the most efficient and secure manner.

Unlimited Access to the Service Desk

As an ACELA client, you and your staff will have unlimited access to technical support. Creating users and dealing with email issues, printing problems, or any other technical issue; our Service Desk is here to ensure your issue is addressed in the most efficient manner to eliminate IT frustrations.

Customer Service-Oriented Engineers

ACELA’s experienced engineers are highly professional and skilled. All staff, from Tier-1 to Tier-3, go through continuous training and career development programs. In addition, ACELA prides itself on our commitment to customer service; it’s what separates us from the competition.

Security and Anti-Virus Monitoring and Protection

Security threats are more prevalent than ever before. With the ACELA Assurance™ support, rest assured that your network is protected. We monitor your network at various levels to protect you from viruses, spam, spyware, phishing, and hackers to ensure your network remains uncompromised.

Online Data Backup System and Monitoring

It’s a new era of business where your organization runs at the mercy of mission critical applications. ACELA’s menu of backup and business continuity options includes a 3-Level backup program which includes off-site backup to a secure SAS-70 compliant data center.

Network Vulnerability and Patch Management

Vulnerability management, patch management, and network security audits keep your systems up-to-date and protected. Backup verification tests confirm your data is protected to safeguard against data loss.

Technology Vendor Management

How many hours does your practice spend on dealing with various vendors? ACELA will take on the role of vendor manager. We are the single point of contact and the single point of accountability for the majority of issues. No matter if it’s your ISP, telecom, or core application that has an issue, we speak their language so let us deal with them.

Onsite Support

We are so confident in our remote monitoring, management, and support systems, all you pay for is gas. There are no additional labor charges for any necessary onsite support. ACELA assumes the complete responsibility of ensuring the health of your network.

Trusted Technical Advisor

Technology is a huge part of your organization and your life. ACELA is dedicated to keeping you informed of your current and future IT needs. We will propose solutions to improve your business while providing budgeting data to ensure you are not blindsided with the cost. In addition we’ll work with you to research and investigate any technology solution requested.

Green IT

ACELA prides itself on using and enabling environmentally friendly technologies. By enabling power saving features and properly disposing of obsolete technology. (And it saves you money on the power bill!).

Comprehensive Reporting and Documentation

Growth trends, outage reports, ticket tracking, and more are included in the ACELA support program and are provided on a weekly, monthly, and as requested basis. In addition, a complete technology systems overview with network diagrams, asset inventory, and a list of all passwords will be compiled. You own your systems and your data.